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Alien Sex Fiend

British electrogothic band. Their career has begun in legendary club.

Alvaréz Peréz

Gothic band from Brno (Czech rep.) with girl vocal and electronic.


Maybe the first band, that has begun to define gothic rock like the music style.

Corpus Delicti

Excellent gothic from France.

Dead Can Dance  1

Australian band plays in Britain.First three albums very dark case with influences of ethno, which on later released albums prevailed.

Fields of The Nephilim  1  2  3

Christian Death  1  2

Old and forgotten english postpunk, sounds a bit like more punky Joy Division

Joy Division

Legendary postpunk band from GB.

Killing Joke

Last Days of Jesus

London After Midnight


Legendary american horrorpunk.

Poesie Noire

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry  1

Forgotten, english, guitar orientated gothic..

Siouxsie And The Banshees

Sisters of Mercy  1  2

Perhaps most famous goth band.


The Fall

English postpunk.

The Mob

The Mood

Emo rock from Uherske Hradiste (Czech rep.)

The Phantom Limbs

Intensive american electro-gothic.

The Switchblade Symphony

UK Decay


Classic gothic rock from Polička (Czech rep.)


X-mal Deutschland  1

German, originally just girl´s band, plays in England.


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Carpe Noctem

Death rock